About us

Studio Ožbolt d.o.o. is a company with long term experience in real estate business. It was founded in 1995. in Zagreb, and in the following years, besides mediation in real estate, it directed its activities and energy into a wide spectrum of services: buying, selling, letting, leasing, property management, consulting, organizing real estate evaluation by authorized court-appointed experts, providing legal assistance etc.
The company is run by a team of experts in their working field. We employ highly-educated personnel and cooperate with other experts that completely meet our needs in the subject field of trading with real-estate (notary public, lawyers, court-appointed experts in construction, architecture engineer, B.Sc., civil engineer, B.Sc., real-estate evaluators).

We attempt to do our job with maximum discretion and expertise.

Basic information:

Company:Studio Ožbolt d.o.o. za poslovanje nekretninama
Short name: Studio Ožbolt d.o.o.
Headquarters:Mlinovi 80, 10000 Zagreb
OIB 96259984061
Place of registration to Commercial court and number of entry: Subjekt je bio upisan kod Trgovačkog suda u Zagrebu pod reg.ul.br. 1-36442.
Bank and account number:PBZ HR62 23400091110187587
Base capital: 20.000,00 kn
Board members: Željko Ožbolt, Dubravka Ožbolt